Fellfoot Forward Landscape Partnership Scheme

Fellfoot Forward Future fair

Future fair

The Fellfoot Forward Landscape Partnership Scheme is working with Cumbria Action for Sustainability to deliver the Future Fair part of the scheme.

We want to assist famers, landowners and communities in the scheme area to implement long-term sustainability and carbon reduction and leave a legacy that is fair and sustainable for the next generation. Climate change and how we respond locally and globally will affect the security and impact of everything we invest in through the Fellfoot Forward Landscape Partnership Scheme.

To help implement this, we have developed prompts to support grant applicants across the scheme to consider what efforts they would be making to ensure Future Fair delivery. We ask applicants to consider their current emissions, to review their supply chains, and how they source materials.

The aim is that the Fellfoot Forward scheme will support engagement with the local community and implement changes to farm and land management that will conserve and benefit biodiversity, enhance and connect habitats for wildlife, improve carbon sequestration, reduce erosion and reduce emissions.

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