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Fellfoot Forward: Community Arts Projects

Six, artist-led, community arts pilot projects have been commissioned for 2021. Inspired by a ‘Fellfoot Tapestry’ theme, the six projects will see artists work together with local community audiences, including families, farmers, young people, the women’s institute, walking groups, local historians, and people from across wide age groups, to deliver their activity. The pilot projects selected are:

Nana Bainbridge’s Pockets – Pull Outs and Hiding Places by The Clifford Movement will centre on Melmerby and the surrounding villages. Involving a series of events that will enable participants to explore heritage that resonates with them, find their inner artist, and share common experiences, the process will begin to build a community archive of written histories and ephemera.

Improvising the landscape by BlueJam Arts will create opportunities for people of all ages from across the Fellfoot area to perform a musical improvisation in response to a specific location. BlueJam Arts hope that people who don’t normally play instruments or sing will take part as well as local musicians of every hue.

Discovering the landscape through drawing by Lionel Playford will trial an idea that engages family groups of children, parents, and grandparents from Renwick village to explore and appreciate the beauty of nature in their local riparian landscape using outdoor drawing and indoor art making.

Green to gold – aspects of autumn by Alex Jakob-Whitworth will involve making some ‘Ogilby’ maps (scroll map images in the style of James Ogilby), using the techniques of drawing, painting, textiles, simple, printmaking and some small crafted pieces. Inspired by autumnal changes, this project will engage with walking and WI groups, schools, and families.

Listening as a device by John Coburn and Tim Shaw works with sound and the act of listening as a device to build empathy and connectedness. Aimed at underserved young people in the Little Salkeld area, their practice supports the learning of new skills.

Fellfoot Tapestry – the people and place by Simon Whalley aims to engage local photographers, teenagers, and people from the farming community from across the Fellfoot Forward LPS area to produce both a physical and a virtual photographic and film exhibition. A physical exhibition will be displayed at a venue within the scheme area as well as online.

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