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Fellfoot Forward Community Arts Programme

Fellfoot Forward Community Arts Programme

Fundamental to the living and working landscape of the Fellfoot Forward scheme area, are the many stories of its people and places. These stories give us a strong sense of place and community and reflect the rich history and culture of this landscape, its past residents, current communities, hidden places and unearthed artefacts. A community arts programme, delivered over the life of the scheme, will draw together Fellfoot people across village and parish boundaries inspired by the rich natural and cultural heritage of the landscape.


Following the consultation for our community arts programme, led by Simon Whalley and associates, we are excited to outline our plans for art and creative activities for people to be involved with, in the scheme area.

More than 50 people responded to the online survey and from this ten, one to one, conversations were held around the main survey questions, including individuals’ vision for community arts in the scheme area and personal and local knowledge to help form the strategy. Thank you to everyone who contributed.


Our strategy has come from consultation in the development period, the results of the survey, and conversations through this first year of delivery. You can read the strategy document included on this page. We welcome feedback – you can email Fiona Knox or Samantha Tranter with your comments.

Fellfoot Fables was the first community arts project to be delivered in 2020. A virtual creative writing series recording young people’s connection to the landscape during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown and restrictions, through poetry and prose. The year one workshops and performances will act as a consultation for a community arts programme spanning years two to three. The nature of that programme will be determined by the audiences we target, attract and work with allowing for everything from theatre and song to puppetry and more.

Six, artist-led, community arts pilot projects have been commissioned for 2021, working with local community audiences, including families, farmers, young people, the women’s institute, walking groups, local historians, and people from across wide age groups, to deliver their activity.

An artist coordinator has also been appointed for the duration of the Fellfoot Forward LPS to co-ordinate the arts projects taking place, make connections with local and regional artists and arts centres, and to encourage the Fellfoot Forward community to be an audience for their local and regional arts and crafts.

The North Pennines AONB Partnership has previously worked with a number of artists to create landscape inspired artworks, including: ‘Hush’, a temporary art installation by environmental artist Steve Messam, situated within the former lead mining site of Bales Hush in Upper Teesdale. Inspired by geology, mining and landscape in the North Pennines AONB and UNESCO Global Geopark, it was designed to have minimal impact on the site and wildlife.
‘Natural Creation’, created by artist Rob Mullholland was inspired by the landscape surrounding Low Force, Teesdale. The temporary sculptural installation, made up of a series of highly polished stainless steel geometrical sculptures, aimed to bring to life a 320 million year old geological story.

Photo credits:  Hush by Steve Messam in Upper Teesdale © Steve Messam 2019 & North Pennines AONB Partnership  /  Natural Creation at Low Force, Teesdale by Rob Mulholland © Lee Dobson & North Pennines AONB Partnership

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