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Special Invertebrate Sites

Special Invertebrate Sites

As part of the Cold-blooded and Spineless project (2015-2019) a series of 20 Special Invertebrate Sites (SISs) was established across the North Pennines AONB. These sites were chosen for their wide range of representative North Pennines habitats and broad suite of invertebrate species. Habitats range from haymeadows to peatlands and semi-natural woodlands, with micro-habitat features including sandy banks and standing deadwood. Invertebrate species to be found are many and varied, from jewel-like green tiger beetles to furry mountain bumblebees and secretive walnut orb weaver spiders.

Volunteer invertebrate recorders, trained through the Cold-blooded and Spineless project, have worked to build invertebrate species lists for each of the Special Invertebrate Sites. Some of the sites have also benefited from additional surveys carried out by professional entomologists, with extensive surveys completed at Harehope Quarry, Argill Woods and Bollihope Burn by local entomologist, Stephen Hewitt, during 2019.

Explore our network of Special Invertebrate Sites using the following information sheets. These sheets include advice on the habitats and invertebrate species which can be found at each site, with suggested survey routes to help you find them. Whether you are new to the world of invertebrates or a seasoned recorder, there will always be something new to discover at our Special Invertebrate Sites.

Special Invertebrate Sites
Allendale road verges
near Allendale, Northumberland
Argill Woods
near Stainmore, Cumbria
Baal Hill
near Wolsingham, County Durham
Bells Grooves
near Allenheads, Northumberland
Bollihope Burn
near Bollihope, County Durham
Bowlees Quarry
near Newbiggin, County Durham
Deneholme Woods
near Allendale, Northumberland
Garrigill road verges
near Garrigill, Cumbria
Harehope Quarry
near Frosterley, County Durham
near Langdon Beck, County Durham
near Romaldkirk, County Durham
Langdon Beck road verges
near Langdon Beck, County Durham
Low Force footpath
near Newbiggin, County Durham
Melmerby Green
near Melmerby, Cumbria
Pow Hill
near Edmundbyers, County Durham
Sharnberry Gill
near Eggleston, County Durham
Slitt Wood
near Westgate, County Durham
Tees Valley railway path
near Mickleton, County Durham
Widdybank Fell
near Harwood, County Durham
near Slaggyford, Northumberland

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