Event: Yatters that matter

Yatters that matter – collecting oral histories – starts Wednesday 26 January

The saying goes that history is written by the victors. It’s also true that the small, everyday voices of normal people often get lost when we talk about the past. Collecting oral histories can be a great way to remedy this, helping us shift the focus back onto the people who form the hearts of their communities.

In this free six week course, we will show you how to conduct an oral history project, from designing your interview and choosing interviewees, to capturing live conversations that can then be transcribed and added to an archive.

The villages of Croglin, Cumwhitton, Hayton, and their surrounding parishes will be the focus of our attention. These three historic villages are within the Fellfoot Forward Landscape Partnership Scheme, which aims to enhance and celebrate the natural and cultural heritage of this very special part of the North West of England. By taking part in this course, you’ll learn new skills, while also helping to document and celebrate the stories of the people who are at the heart of these three villages.

The course will be delivered using a flexible combination of online lessons and in-person seminars, which are held every Wednesday at 2-3.30pm, starting on 26 January and continuing until 2 March.

Please note: This course includes online lessons via Zoom (recordings will be available afterwards) plus seminars that can be attended in person or online according to preference. If you don’t have a reliable internet connection, we can help you access the online classes through our buddy system.

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