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Heather brash

Heather brash

Covering bare peat with Sphagnum-rich heather brash is a crucial part of peatland restoration in Northern England. Heather brash acts as a mulch, insulating the bare peat from frost heave, protecting it from erosion through wind and weathering, and providing a seed source and growing medium for new plants.

Heather brash is typically sourced as locally as possible to the restoration site from areas with a suitable mixture of heather, cotton grasses and Sphagnum moss. Tracked machinery is used to cut and bag the brash and it is then airlifted to the restoration site to prevent damaging the sensitive ground with vehicles. The brash is then spread by hand using pitchforks.

Heather brash has proven to be a highly effective method of revegetating bare areas, with results seen within a year or two of restoration. Preventing further erosion limits the carbon emissions released into the atmosphere as a result, mitigating climate change.

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