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Long Meg and her daughters

Long Meg

Long Meg and her daughters is one of northern England’s most enigmatic ancient monuments. A huge Neolithic stone circle, it is the third largest in England and fifth largest in the British Isles. The site is just a short drive, or walk, from the village of Little Salkeld and a favourite with local walkers.

Visitors numbers to the site have increased over the years and there is damage caused by cars parking off the road on the scheduled monument. Through the Fellfoot Forward scheme, we are working on a long-term solution and discussions have commenced with the landowner, grazier, Historic England, the Parish Council, Cumbria County Council and local residents.

We are creating a better parking option on a new site, that is just a short distance from the monument. This will alleviate the pressure caused by cars or coaches struggling to park off the road, offering instead an easy parking area with a peaceful short walk for the local community and visitors to the monument.

The progress of the plans will be updated here and through our newsletter and Facebook group.

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