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Fellfoot Forward Arts Connection

Fellfoot Forward: Arts Connection

We are pleased, and a little bit excited, to be at the stage where we’re starting to look to develop a two year community arts project across the Fellfoot Forward scheme area. To help us get there, are now looking for an individual, partnership or organisation to work with us to realise a two year community arts programme starting mid-late 2021, which will also secure additional external funding.

The Arts Development Contract includes general information about the scheme, what we think we are looking for from a contractor, how to apply and timescales. The submission date is Friday 11th December. We hope you would wish to submit an application. Please contact Fiona Knox with any questions or for further information.

Photo credit: Hush by Steve Messam in Upper Teesdale © Steve Messam 2019 & North Pennines AONB Partnership

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