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Fellfoot Forward art and stories

Fellfoot Forward art and stories

Fundamental to the living and working landscape of the Fellfoot Forward scheme area, are the many stories of its people and places. These stories give us a strong sense of place and community and reflect the rich history and culture of this landscape, its past residents, current communities, hidden places and unearthed artefacts.

Through the Fellfoot Forward Landscape Partnership we will creatively interpret the stories around some key historic buildings, structures and monuments. These will include monuments at risk such as Kirkoswald Castle and Long Meg stone circle, as well as other stories which emerge as we delve into the area’s past. We are working with communities to research tales of old, and these will be documented through oral history recording.

A community arts programme, delivered over the life of the scheme, will draw together Fellfoot people across village and parish boundaries inspired by the rich natural and cultural heritage of the landscape. This begins with Fellfoot Fables, a virtual creative writing series recording young people’s connection to the landscape during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, through poetry and prose. The year one workshops and performances will act as a consultation for a community arts programme spanning years two to three. The nature of that programme will be determined by the audiences we target, attract and work with allowing for everything from theatre and song to puppetry and more.

If you are interested in getting involved with the Fellfoot stories and arts programme, please contact the Fellfoot Forward Community Engagement Officer, Samantha Tranter.

Email: samantha@northpenninesaonb.org.uk

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