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Fellfoot Forward – Our Partnership

The North Pennines AONB Partnership has brought together a great representative team of partners from Local Authorities, parish councils, agencies and organisations who share our ambition to develop a more resilient Fellfoot landscape. Members of the advisory board all bring key skills, knowledge and experience of the area, and are important advocates for the landscape partnership in the wider community.

Advisory Board

Our advisory board members are:

Tom Speight – Chair of Advisory Board 

Tom Speight FF Chair

I’ve lived in Castle Carrock for 18 years after growing up in rural Dorset. My role is to chair the Advisory Board meetings where we help set and rubberstamp the direction of the project, bringing lots of interested parties together in the process. I work for the BBC and I also Chair the National Rural Touring Forum which gets professional performance art into village halls across the UK. This scheme is an exciting opportunity for people from all walks of life and of all ages to learn, enjoy and take part in finding out more about this beautiful corner of the North Pennines. I want there to be a legacy of enhanced understanding for years to come too.

Elizabeth Radford – Chief Executive, Eden Rivers Trust

I am the Chief Executive of Eden Rivers Trust (ERT); a charity dedicated to improving and protecting the River Eden, its tributaries and lakes in the Eden Valley, Cumbria. I am on the Fellfoot advisory board because ERT has very strong links to Eden’s communities, and is leading the ‘Better Becks’ project within Fellfoot programme. Better Becks involves us working with landowners and volunteers to improve river habitats and reduce local flood risk in the Cairnbeck, Croglin, Glassonby, Gamblesby, Renwick and Raven catchments. We will also be helping local primary school children understand how rivers work.

Prior to my ERT role, I worked with Plantlife International and the RSPB, managing both people and international conservation projects abroad. I have lived in the Eden Valley for two and a half years, and now I feel most privileged to be able to look out over the Pennine hills from my back garden. Despite my brilliant overseas experiences, it takes a lot to beat the view of evening sunshine and shadows over the Eden fellside.

Elizabeth Radford ERT

Jamie Barnes – Inspector of Ancient Monuments, Historic England 

Long Meg stone circle, Little Salkeld © NPAP/Paul Frodsham

Historic England is the Government’s statutory advisory on the historic environment and is therefore concerned with potential impacts upon designated heritage assets such as scheduled monuments. It is my role to provide that advice to those wishing to undertake any works which may affect a scheduled monument. My area of responsibility covers the North West, and my regional office is based in Manchester. I began working for Historic England in January 2020, having previously worked in a similar role for Historic Environment Scotland. My passion is archaeology. I have a particular interest in Viking Age stone sculpture and have a PhD in this subject from the University of Glasgow. I bring all these skills and experience to my role on the Fellfoot board but in particular, to advise on work to restore and improve interpretation for the area’s historic monuments: Kirkoswald Castle and Long Meg stone circle.

Roe Baker – Project Manager, Cumbria Action for Sustainability (CAfS)

My role is to work on the ‘Future Fair’ element of the scheme. Future Fair means that communities and individuals in the Fellfoot area will have access to the facts, knowledge, skills and resources to make a difference on climate change whilst engaging in inspirational, local heritage activities – for the benefit of their own well-being and also for future generations. I’ve worked for CAfS in various roles for six years, including Project Manager for the Alston Moor Greenprint and Sustain Eden projects.

I’m experienced in and enjoy working with volunteers on low carbon community led projects, green transport, renewable energy, community buildings, supported agriculture and to develop strategic partnerships. My background is in community arts, community food growing and green spaces.

Jillian Hale – Principal Planning Officer, Carlisle City Council

Carlisle City Council logo

I am the Carlisle City Council lead on the Fellfoot Forward Scheme and also on the North Pennines AONB Partnership Executive Group.

The northern part of the Fellfoot Forward area lies within the administrative boundary of Carlisle City Council, a district of some 400 square miles. The Council has a long association with the North Pennines Partnership who deliver the AONB Management Plan on our behalf.  The Fellfoot Forward initiative will bring key economic, cultural and heritage projects to an important part of our rural area. We will input expertise from heritage, tourism and planning disciplines together with continuing to fund project stages. Many elements of the scheme, for example natural flood management measures, are of much greater relevance than just within the scheme boundary, bringing benefits to the wider area. The Fellfoot Forward Area area is important for our urban and rural communities as a place to live, work, learn, enjoy and relax in.

Rachel Whaley – Planning Officer, Cumbria County Council

Cumbria County Council is a partner authority within the North Pennines AONB. The Fellfoot Forward Landscape Partnership Scheme will deliver a range of projects across the northern part of the county within the Carlisle and Eden districts. I will represent the council on the Fellfoot advisory board.

Cumbria County Council will promote the economic, cultural and heritage benefits the scheme brings to the area, as well as providing financial and officer support. As highway authority, the county council is also providing match funding through the upgrading of walking routes to create village heritage trails and easy access routes within the Fellfoot Forward area.

Cumbria County Council Logo

Emma Wright – Fellfoot Forward scheme manager (job share), North Pennines AONB Partnership

I have worked for the North Pennines AONB Partnership for 6 years, and before that for Northumberland Wildlife Trust and the Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group. Protecting and enhancing our natural environment is the thread which pulls all my work together; wildlife brings me great joy and I’m always looking to conserve nature and share its wonder with others. Developing Fellfoot Forward and getting to know this lovely area has been wonderful, and I’m excited to be here over the next few years, working with local farmers, communities and our partners.

Fiona Knox – Fellfoot Forward scheme manager (job share), North Pennines AONB Partnership

I have a background in Ecology but early on used my education and experience to work in field studies and schools. I was education officer at Northumberland National Park and then joined the North Pennines AONB working with schools and community on various projects. Learning about and sharing with others our rich natural and cultural heritage has taken me to some wonderful places, with inspiring people and given me amazing and fun experiences. I was born and brought up in Kirkby Stephen and the opportunity now over the next few years to work on Fellfoot Forward with Eden Valley communities is a privilege.

Sam Tranter – Fellfoot Forward community engagement officer (job share), North Pennines AONB Partnership

My role is to lead on community development and involvement, education and awareness, and celebratory elements of Fellfoot Forward. I was a child of the Allen Valleys. I grew up enjoying family visits to the Fellfoot area, my personal favourites being picnics at Talkin Tarn and exploring Lacy’s Caves along the Eden. I have worked for the North Pennines AONB Partnership for six years, before that my career spanned many areas from marketing in commercial radio to managing volunteer projects in East Africa. I have a Masters in Conservation Biology and have led two wildlife recording projects for the AONB Partnership. These both involved motivating volunteers, supporting community groups and strengthening networks, all of which I’m excited to continue in developing the Fellfoot vision.

David Coverdale – Fellfoot Forward community engagement officer (job share), North Pennines AONB Partnership

Although I am very new to the project and post of Community Engagement Officer, I have worked for the North Pennines AONB Partnership for two and a half years in community focused roles, initially on the Allen Valleys Landscape Partnership then the Resilient Allen Valleys project. Having lived in the Allen Valleys for ten years it has been a pleasure working in my own community however I am looking forward to getting to know and work with the Fellfoot community who I am sure have many similarities. I have a background in Town Planning and worked for the majority of my career for Northumberland National Park before starting a new career path, owning and managing small local food businesses. Hopefully my varied skills will be of use in this new role. I have a keen interest in the outdoors and already know parts of the Fellfoot area though hiking trips with my partner and two dogs.

Tim Jacobs – Fellfoot Forward conservation officer, North Pennines AONB Partnership

I’ve recently joined North Pennines AONB as the Conservation Officer for the Fellfoot Forward project. From my childhood onwards, I have always been fascinated by nature and was a Reserve Manager in Scotland for nearly 20 yrs. I have also worked as an independent consultant and was the Slow the Flow Project Officer for North West England, where I was helping to create and support Natural Flood Management projects to help reduce the flood risk for Communities at Risk.

I am familiar with the area and am very much looking forward to getting to know it even better, and to working with local farmers, land managers and its local communities to strengthen the landscape and its nature.  I’m also hoping that I can contribute to peoples understanding and enjoyment of it.

Biographies to follow:

Simon Stainer – Land Management Advisor, Natural England

Sally Helmsley – Tourism Manager, Eden District Council

Cllr Mary Robinson – Local community representative

Kate Gascoyn – Project Manager, Farmers Network

Elizabeth Charman – Conservation Officer, RSPB

Fellfoot Forward communications officer – North Pennines AONB Partnership

Fellfoot Forward admin and finance officer – North Pennines AONB Partnership

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