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Environment grants

Environmental grants and support for farmers in your area

We will be working with farmers throughout the Fellfoot Forward scheme to safeguard high nature value farming and enhance habitats for wildlife. Farming practices, many of which are generations-old, are responsible for protecting our soils, mitigating flood risks and conserving heritage and biodiversity, and we are offering support for farmers in your area.The Fellfoot Environment Grant allows landowners and farmers to apply for a 50% grant for conserving, enhancing and connecting habitats for wildlife.

We can fund:

  • hedgerow creation and maintenance
  • woodland creation and management
  • in-field tree planting
  • pond and wetland creation
  • rush control for breeding waders
  • other habitat creation/improvement works with clear benefits for native wildlife

Farmers will be able to fund the remaining 50% in cash expenditure or ‘in kind’ (including labour and time). The Fellfoot Environment Grant will offer up to £8,000 towards schemes.

To find out more, get in touch using the details below. Our Conservation Officer will arrange a farm visit to discuss possible works for a Fellfoot Environment Grant. They will fill in an application form with you, so your paperwork will be minimal.

How it works

An independent panel will review grant applications each quarter. The Fellfoot Environment Grant is administered locally, and the assessment panel is made up of members of the local community, so funding decisions are made by people with a good knowledge of the local landscape and its needs.

Land or features that are currently funded under a Countryside Stewardship Scheme (or equivalent) will not be eligible for a Fellfoot Environment Grant. However, if you have a CS scheme on your farm but a feature (such as a hedgerow or meadow) is not covered by that Scheme, it will be eligible for a Fellfoot Environment Grant. If you are unsure, get in touch and we will be able to help.

Land under a newly created woodland continues to be eligible for Basic Payment Scheme payment for the first 10 years, after which it becomes a ‘woodland’ and therefore ineligible. Grants are paid in arrears, following inspection and ‘sign off’ of completed schemes by our Conservation Officer. All schemes must be carried out in accordance to the grant specification and terms of contract. All schemes must have permission of the landowner; be in keeping with the character of the local landscape; not involve works requiring planning permission; not form part of the curtilage of a residential property and be maintained for 10 years.

To discuss details, email Tim Jacobs, Conservation Officer at the North Pennines AONB Partnership, or call him on 07920 028975.


Helping you create new woodland

The right tree in the right place can offer shade, shelter and fodder for livestock, enhance soil health, improve water quality and reduce local flooding risk. With all these benefits, carefully sited shelterbelts, woodlands and in-field trees can ultimately enhance farm profitability. If you are interested in planting trees on your farm, we can help with advice and funding.

Helping you manage existing woodland

Are your woodlands working for you? If you have woodland on your farm, chances are it could be achieving more for wildlife and for your business. A woodland management plan is a first step to making the most of your wood and accessing Forestry Commission grants. Through Fellfoot Forward we can help you create a fit-for-purpose woodland management plan and access grants for your woodland.

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