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Discovering nature through art

Discovering nature through art

Artist Lionel Playford will lead this community based art project to explore and appreciate the landscape of the beautiful Raven Beck at Renwick through outdoor drawing and photography expeditions and indoor art workshops with people from Renwick village and the surrounding area.

The project will be an artistic celebration of the beck, based on the participants appreciation and knowledge of the wildlife, human history and mythology, and the geology of the Raven Beck near Renwick. The aim is to gather a diverse group of people – all ages and interests – who can contribute their imagination, ideas, and craft skills in different ways, so you don’t have to be an artist or have any experience of drawing or painting to take part. With his long experience of making artworks with different communities, Lionel will guide the group in creating an exciting and meaningful, collectively designed and made, work of art, celebrating nature and our shared feeling for it. Once completed, at the end of November, it will go on public display and then become, hopefully, a permanent installation in Renwick.

There are three stages to the project:

  1. A group of 10-15 people will join Lionel on two fun walking/sketching/photography excursions in September and October, starting from Renwick Methodist Chapel and walking to the Raven Beck above Raven Bridge, a walk of approx. 50 minutes, and spending a couple of hours at each location, depending on the weather.
  2. Four indoor sessions in October and November to design and make a collective but singular work of art, using what was created, seen and experienced outdoors to create something truly reflective of people’s feelings for nature and landscape.
  3. Exhibit the artwork in Eden and/or Carlisle before finding a permanent home for it, preferably in Renwick.

If you would like to take part in this project, contact Lionel via the Renwick Facebook page or email him.

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