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The Fellfoot Forward Landscape Partnership Scheme (LPS) area includes several communities and large areas of agricultural land designated as being at risk from flooding. Major flooding events in the area have prompted a regional and national commitment to reducing flood risk by implementing measures which help to protect and restore the natural functions of rivers and their catchments. These measures, known collectively as Natural Flood Management (NFM) provide benefits not only through flooding reduction but also for water quality, habitats and biodiversity by restoring natural river function.

The Fellfoot Forward LPS is working with lead delivery partner, Eden Rivers Trust, and landowners to implement a programme of capital works which will  improve natural flood management, biodiversity and water quality across the lower Eden sub-catchments in the Fellfoot Forward landscape. Eden Rivers Trust have utilised a range of funds, including The National Lottery Heritage Fund (through Fellfoot Forward LPS), Environment Agency Slow the Flow grants, DEFRA NFM, and EA Fisheries Improvement Funds, to deliver these projects which will continue to be developed over the duration of the Fellfoot Forward LPS.

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