North Pennines AONB Partnership

What we do

The North Pennines AONB team works with others take action to conserve and enhance this special place. Our priorities are

  • nature recovery – we are committed to working with farmers, land managers, conservation organisations and communities to protect what remains and restore what has been lost
  • helping people make an emotional connection with nature – as well as helping people to understand more about our natural heritage, we know that people who make an emotional connection with nature go on to take action for conservation

For more information about the work that we do, please click on the topics below.

  • The AONB Partnership and staff team

    The AONB Partnership and staff team

    More about the Partnership and the team looking after the North Pennines AONB ...

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  • Management Plan

    Management Plan

    Our 5 local authorities have a duty to act jointly to produce an AONB Management Plan...

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  • Conservation priorities

    Conservation priorities

    The top ten priorities for conservation in the North Pennines AONB...

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  • Peatland restoration

    Peatland restoration

    Restoring our internationally important peatlands ...

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  • Geodiversity


    Sharing our world-class geological heritage through interpretation, education, conservation and nature-based tourism...

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  • Citizen science

    Citizen science

    Projects such as Cold-blooded & Spineless enable volunteers to collect valuable species data ...

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  • The farmed landscape

    The farmed landscape

    Farming is at the frontline of efforts to reverse declines in biodiversity...

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  • Dark skies

    Dark skies

    We have some of the darkest skies in the country where you can see 1000s of stars on clear nights...

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