Codes of conduct

Countryside code

Countryside code

When you are out and about in the countryside this code to ensure you get the best out of your visit and to make sure that the countryside is protected for future generations to enjoy.

Be safe – plan ahead and follow any signs

Even when going out locally, it’s best to get the latest information about where and when you can go; for example, your rights to go onto some areas of open land may be restricted while work is carried out, for safety reasons or during breeding seasons. Follow advice and local signs, and be prepared for the unexpected.

Leave gates and property as you find them

Please respect the working life of the countryside, as our actions can affect people’s livelihoods, our heritage, and the safety and welfare of animals and ourselves.

Protect plants and animals, and take your litter home

We have a responsibility to protect our countryside now and for future generations, so make sure you don’t harm animals, birds, plants, or trees.

Keep dogs under close control

The countryside is a great place to exercise dogs, but it’s every owner’s duty to make sure their dog is not a danger or nuisance to farm animals, wildlife or other people.

Consider other people

Showing consideration and respect for other people makes the countryside a pleasant environment for everyone – at home, at work and at leisure.

Advice for land managers

People visiting the countryside provide important income for the local economy. Most like to follow a visible route. prefer using proper access points like gates, and generally want to do the right thing – but they need your help.

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