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Explore the North Pennines

Visit & explore

Explore this fantastic landscape and enjoy a warm welcome from the people of the North Pennines! Over the winter we’ll be adding more information on what to see and do in the AONB. 

As you explore you’ll find open heather moors, delightful dales, tumbling upland rivers, wonderful woods, close-knit communities, glorious waterfalls, fantastic birds, stone-built villages, intriguing imprints of a mining and industrial past, distinctive plants, fascinating invertebrates and much, much more.

Visit the interactive map to download walks, trails and attractions to help you explore the area.


Did you know…

4 hours ago
View our virtual exhibition - ' #NorthPennines at Night' - courtesy of Gary Lintern Photography / Stargazing Nights...
#NorthPennStarWeek20 #NPennDarkSkies #stargazing #darkskies
4 hours ago
What can you see in the night sky? Today's blog for #NorthPennStarWeek20 comes from Roy Alexander from
@astroventures - practical tips on #stargazing & loads of suggestions for apps and sources of more help/info #backyardstargazing #NPennDarkSkies
NorthPennAONB photo
5 hours ago
Fancy 'Exploring Andromeda'? There still spaces on our Zoom event tomorrow evening (26Oct:7-8pm) with astronomer and science educator Andy Gray. Part of #NorthPennStarWeek20. More info and bookings here: NorthPennAONB photo
5 hours ago
If you've taken pictures of the Milky Way or other dark sky features from the North Pennines - it would be great to see them! Share using #NorthPennStarWeek20 #backyardstargazing NorthPennAONB photo
6 hours ago
Never seen the Milky Way? Mid-evening is the best time to see this amazing band of light overhead during #NorthPennStarFest20. With binoculars you'll see it's made up of millions of stars: a few of the 200 billion making up our incredible spiral galaxy #backyardstargazing NorthPennAONB photo