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Explore the North Pennines

Visit & explore

Explore this fantastic landscape and enjoy a warm welcome from the people of the North Pennines! Over the winter we’ll be adding more information on what to see and do in the AONB. 

As you explore you’ll find open heather moors, delightful dales, tumbling upland rivers, wonderful woods, close-knit communities, glorious waterfalls, fantastic birds, stone-built villages, intriguing imprints of a mining and industrial past, distinctive plants, fascinating invertebrates and much, much more.

Visit the interactive map to download walks, trails and attractions to help you explore the area.


Did you know…

2 days ago
Welcome and congratulations to @BCgeopark, one of 15 new @UNESCO Global #Geoparks. Great news 👏👏
2 days ago
Have you been #LearningWithNature? Under 16s can enter the @BritishEcolSoc competition to share how they have connected with nature during lockdown 🐛🌱🌳🐞🕷️.
4 days ago
I'm not sure I like the sound of the #Croglin Grange vampire 😱
NorthPennAONB photo
MansionCottage1863 @cottage1863
Continuing with my Cottage A-Z of the #NorthPenninesAONB
we have....

The magnificent #CrossFell.

#CarriersWay....winding its journey across the Fells.

The #Croglin Grange Vampire.......🙃
7 days ago
We're coming up to the anniversary of Hush, an amazing spectacle that highlighted a little known feature of the #NorthPenninesAONB landscape. 5000+ visitors all engaging with the #uplands in a new way @ace_national @rougeit @HeritageFundNOR #MuseumsUnlocked
NorthPennAONB photo
Keith Merrin @kmerrin
For #MuseumsUnlocked upland landscapes here’s Hush, @rougeit’s stunning intervention in the landscape of the North Pennines AONB from last year.
1 week ago
We love our upland hay meadows. We've been spreading seed on meadows since 2006, and we work with farmers across the #NorthPenninesAONB to help them continue traditional management practices and conserve these wildflower-rich #HayMeadows #NationalMeadowsDay NorthPennAONB photo
1 week ago
Here's the beginning of an A-Z from @cottage1863 in the #NorthPenninesAONB. We're intrigued, and keeping our eyes peeled for Z. I think this might be a time when some of our local geological treasures might come in very handy 😉
NorthPennAONB photo
MansionCottage1863 @cottage1863
I'm very privileged to have been built in the @NorthPennAONB - such a wonderful unspoilt part of the Country.

So - an A-Z of what we have to look forward to when life returns to normal.....but we have to keep safe lads & lasses........