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Explore the North Pennines

Visit & explore

Explore this fantastic landscape and enjoy a warm welcome from the people of the North Pennines! Over the winter we’ll be adding more information on what to see and do in the AONB. 

As you explore you’ll find open heather moors, delightful dales, tumbling upland rivers, wonderful woods, close-knit communities, glorious waterfalls, fantastic birds, stone-built villages, intriguing imprints of a mining and industrial past, distinctive plants, fascinating invertebrates and much, much more.

Visit the interactive map to download walks, trails and attractions to help you explore the area.


Did you know…

14 hours ago
Ali Foxon from Boggy Doodles introduces part two of our green sketching video series Why not watch, then download the free doodle sketchbook and see where inspiration takes you in the #NorthPenninesAONB? @HeritageFundUK #art
16 hours ago
The second in our North Pennines Art Week 'meet the artist' series - find out what inspires Alex Jakob-Whitworth #art #lotteryfunded @HeritageFundNOR Alex will also be working in the landscape of the #NorthPenninesAONB from 5 to 7 August (see website)
2 days ago
Meet the first of our North Pennines Art Week artists. Find out what inspires Teesdale artist Jane Young #lotteryfunded @HeritageFundUK NorthPennAONB photo
4 days ago
North Pennines Art week starts today. If you're out and about in the #NorthPenninesAONB you might spot our artists at locations across the AONB. Find out when and where you can find them #artweek #lotteryfunded #art
7 days ago
There's always something special about the return of dark skies. Be prepared to marvel once again at what you can see where it is 'proper dark'
NorthPennAONB photo
Richard Darn @RichDarn1
Truly dark skies return to much of England on 2 August. Curtain raiser to Milky Way season! River of light arches overhead late evening. Sublime. Dark areas very much favoured. 80% of Brits can't see it from where they live. @northyorkmoors @NorthPennAONB @yorkshire_dales
7 days ago
Folk music, lunch, a challenging walk and a look behind the scenes at a #naturerecovery project where we are working with upland landowners and our partners. This 8 mile walk with a difference is on Sunday 1 August (nr Brough in Cumbria) (Free event) NorthPennAONB photo