North Pennines Stargazing Week 2020

North Pennines at Night – virtual exhibition

North Pennines at Night – a virtual exhibition

The two short films below were shown by photographer Gary Lintern in various locations in the North Pennines and beyond. Gary’s night photography began with a personal project he started in 2014. After moving back to the North Pennines, and a baby on the way, Gary had given up his usual night photography locations of Newcastle city and Quayside. He stopped doing night photography for a while, but saw some night landscape images online, which were taken in National Parks in the USA. It occurred to Gary that he might be able to do something similar in this area, and so it began. Today, Gary runs night photography workshops and stargazing events in and beyond the North Pennines AONB.

The short films feature Gary’s own photography, alongside images by other photographers including Adrian Wintle, James Walton, Jason Smith, Kevan Hunt, Mike Ridley, Paul DaSilva, Paul McPartlin, Phil Roberts and Rob Hunter.

For the best viewing experience watch in ‘full screen’ mode.

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