Event: Fellfoot Forward tree planting

Tree planting – Sunday 16 and Sunday 23 January

Following successful applications for Fellfoot Forward environment grant and Farming in Protected Landscapes projects, farmers and landowners in the project area are ready to implement programmes of tree planting this winter. Woodland, hedgerows and open grown trees are all essential components of our landscape which help to connect habitats and allow dispersal and movement of species for breeding and feeding.

The Fellfoot Forward LPS are looking for volunteers to help landowners plant trees to create new hedges and woodland. Come along for some exercise and fun whilst helping wildlife and the planet and get a bowl of soup to warm you up. There will be sessions throughout the winter and the first dates are Sunday 16 (Blunderfield farm, Kirkoswald) and Sunday 23 January (Scale Houses), between 10am-3pm.

Please register on our volunteer database (make sure you select the general interest Planting) and you will be able to see the dates in the opportunities section and sign up, if you are available. If you are not available for these dates, you will receive email notifications of further dates which you will then be able to sign on to. Register here.

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