Peaceful, unspoilt, rich and vibrant

The North Pennines is one of England’s most special places – a peaceful, unspoilt landscape with a rich history and vibrant natural beauty. Tumbling waterfalls, sweeping moorland views, dramatic upland dales, stone-built villages, snaking stonewalls and friendly faces – the North Pennines has all this and more!

In the North Pennines you’ll find:

  • 40% of the UK’s upland hay meadows
  • 30% of England’s upland heathland and 27% of its blanket bog
  • 80% of England’s black grouse
  • 36% of the AONB designated as Sites of Special Scientific Interest
  • Red squirrels, otters and rare arctic-alpine plants
  • 22,000 pairs of breeding wading birds
  • Stunning geological sites – such as High Force, England’s biggest waterfall
  • 16 Conservation Areas and 183 Scheduled Monuments