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A special event at Grassholme Observatory being led by Prof Wallace Arthur

Evolutionary biologist and Author. Prof Wallace Arthur has dedicated his professional life to all things evolutionary and is the author of many science books – his most recent being The Biological Universe: Life in the Milky Way and beyond – published in 2020. Wallace is also a very keen astronomer – a natural progression therefore would be to consider and research the existence of extraterrestrial life elsewhere in the universe. It has to be the oldest and most profound unanswered questions. So what is the science behind all of this? And how close are we to answering that question. Come along and let Wallace begin to untangle the answers. After the talk, you will then venture outside to actually observe stars that have known worlds orbiting them, some of which will be Earth-like. As well as that you’ll look into the inky black moonless skies to see the Milky Way starfields and deep-sky island universes containing billions of suns.

This event is part of the North Pennines Stargazing Festival running from 22-31 October 2021 – www.NorthPenninesStarFest.org.uk #NorthPennStarFest21 #NPennDarkSkies