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Have you ever looked up at the night time sky and wondered why you can’t see anything other than stars? Or have you ever looked up at the night sky and wondered how far it is to the stars that you can see? Do you want to know what a star is, or how a telescope works, or even where it all came from? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this evening is for you. During the evening you’ll discover details about the night sky that will amaze, inform, thrill and engage you – then it’s off to the telescopes for the chance to observe the sky, through some seriously powerful pieces of equipment, and the opportunity to take pictures of what you see, as you gaze at the stars overhead.

The event will begin with a personal welcome from Grassholme Observatory’s astronomer, Gary Fildes. After the welcome, the team will escort you into the new state of the art classroom, which has a cosy feel, and high definition (HD) projection system. Here you’ll have a whistle stop tour of the Universe followed by an opportunity to observe the night sky (weather permitting) with an array of telescopes and cameras. After the observing ends, it’s back inside for a hot drink and a chat, before you head off home.

Pre-booking is essential via https://www.grassholmeobservatory.com/book/

Tickets cost  £20 (adult); £16 (concessions)

This event is part of the North Pennines Stargazing Festival running from 22-31 October 2021 – www.NorthPenninesStarFest.org.uk #NorthPennStarFest21 #NPennDarkSkies