How to use trail cameras and record your finds

Camera Trapping – how to use the cameras and record your finds

Camera traps, or trail cameras, are remote cameras that will take still photos or video clips of mammals, birds, and, sometimes, reptiles. They are triggered by a combination of motion and infra-red heat and are particularly effective at night, revealing wildlife that you may have no idea is around your local area. Cameras can be used in gardens but are best used on trails where animals cross becks, walls and other obstructions on their favourite travel routes.

In our February webinar Fellfoot Forward naturalist, Guy Broome, and Cumbria County Mammal Recorder, John Martin, shared their knowledge and experience in setting up cameras, using fieldcraft skills, downloading and storing images, how to identify species, and recording findings for science and county wildlife records.

Watch the film of highlights of what you might find and see in the Fellfoot Forward area (filmed at an existing site), as well as Guy Broome’s advice on setting up your camera.

The Fellfoot Forward LPS has purchased some trail cameras which will be available for loan by the community.

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