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 The environment

The AONB Partnership's Staff Unit takes action to help conserve and enhance the natural beauty of the North Pennines.  

Environmental policy

Whilst carrying out its work it is committed to providing an excellent quality of service alongside minimising the environmental impact.

The Staff Unit has adopted an environmental policy which helps guide the overall environmental performance of the team. The AONB Partnership is also a Gold Award winner in the Green Tourism Business Scheme for its corporate offices and tourism activities.

The links between climate change and carbon are now well understood and minimising the amount of carbon that gets release into the atmosphere is very important. Much of the work of the AONB Partnership contributes to keeping carbon locked up, for instance through the management of peatlands. We also support the creation of new woodlands which will capture carbon in the trees as they grow.

AONB Partnership staff also follow a Green checklist to help them minimise their environmental impact and enhance the positive environmental impact the AONB Staff Unit has:

Green checklist


• When producing publications – use recycled paper; include an environmental statement about paper used; encourage re-use and recycling of leaflet by user; and obtain a low-res PDF file for uploading onto the AONB Partnership's website

• Purchase Fairtrade tea, coffee and sugar for office use

• Use Ecover (or similar phosphate free product) for washing up

• When booking food for meetings – use local suppliers and local produce wherever possible

• When buying milk for the office, buy bottled milk if possible


• Switch off electric lights around the building if you no longer need them

• Only boil as much water as you need in the Eco-Kettle

• If you are the last person out of the office at the end of the day please check that all computer monitors, printers, photocopiers and other electronic equipment is turned off

• If you are the last person out of the building ensure that all electric lights are turned off

• Ensure that all radiators in the office are switched off before considering whether to open a window for ventilation

• Only use the lift if absolutely necessary

Waste minimisation and recycling:

• Re-use envelopes wherever possible

• Kitchen waste – compost teabags and fruit waste in caddy provided

• Print double-sided as much as possible. Only print in full colour if absolutely necessary

• Only print emails if absolutely necessary

• Re-use as much paper as possible by using pads of scrap paper for general office use 

• Recycle envelopes which cannot be re-used

• Recycle paper, cardboard and excess publications

• Recycle plastic milk cartons and coffee jars

• Recycle canned drink (steel/aluminium) tins


• Ensure that you lift share to meetings wherever possible – both with other Staff Unit members and with officers from external organisations

• Consider public transport options wherever possible

• When organising meetings consider locations accessible by public transport and encourage attendees to lift share as appropriate

• When  possible organise to share transport into and back from work with other Staff Unit members

More Information

For further information on the environmental policies of the Staff Unit please contact Fiona Knox on 01388 528801 (

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