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 The AONB Management Plan 2009-14

The Management Plan presents the issues, objectives and actions which the AONB Partnership and others intend to address in the period between 2009-14.   

The AONB Management Plan:

  • Highlights the special qualities and enduring significance of the AONB and the importance of its landscape features, and identifies those that are vulnerable to change
  • Presents an integrated vision for the future of the AONB as a whole, in the light of national, regional and local priorities, regardless of administrative boundaries
  • Sets out agreed objectives which will help secure that vision
  • Identifies what needs to be done, by whom and when, in order to achieve these objectives
  • Stimulates action aimed at helping people to discover, enjoy and understand the local landscape and its natural and cultural features
  • Identifies actions which will support those economic and social activities which in themselves will contribute to the conservation and enhancement of natural beauty

Three parts

The Management Plan is split into three separate documents:

  • What's Special about the North Pennines? - a document which highlights the area's special qualities
  • Part B: Strategy - this shows the strategic context of the plan, its vision, the issues it sets out to address and the objectives identified over the life of the Management Plan to 2014
  • Part C: Action Plan - this shows what will be done to meet the objectives

How was the Plan produced?

The Management Plan was produced by the North Pennines AONB Partnership Staff Unit on behalf of the five local authorities of the North Pennines. The Staff Unit was supported in this work by a Technical Advisory Panel drawn from AONB Partnership member organisations, and by the Partnership's five Working Groups which cover a range of themes relevant to AONB Management.

It was also informed by a comprehensive scoping report and initial issues consultation which engaged all tiers of local government, statutory agencies, NGOs and community groups. A draft plan was consulted on at public drop-in sessions and through other channels and over 850 comments were recorded and addressed individually. A Strategic Environmental Assessment and Habitats Regulations Assessment further informed the final version.

Finding out more

Download the pdf files below or call the AONB Partnership Staff Unit on 01388 528801 or email us on to request a paper or a CD copy.

Front cover of the 'North Pennines AONB Management Plan 2009-14' publication