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The work of the AONB Partnership is carried out through its Staff Unit, based in Stanhope, in Weardale.  

If you would like to know more about the work of the North Pennines AONB Partnership and its Staff Unit, please contact us at:

North Pennines AONB Partnership
Weardale Business Centre
The Old Co-op Building
1 Martin Street
Bishop Auckland
County Durham
DL13 2UY
Tel: +44(0)1388 528801

Twitter: @NorthPennAONB

Facebook: Facebook - North Pennines AONB

Staff Unit members

Chris Woodley-Stewart: Director

Peter Samsom: Deputy Director

Shane Harris: Tourism and Communications Manager

Kaye Jemmeson: Marketing and Communications Officer

Helen Hambleton: Corporate Relationships Officer

Dr Elizabeth Pickett: Geodiversity Officer

Paul Frodsham: Historic Environment Officer

Nic Cullens: Office Manager

Debbie Johnston: Finance Officer

Jon Charlton: Programme Development Manager

Andy Lees: Conservation Officer

Project development officers

Simon Wilson: Project Development Officer

Rebecca Barrett: Project Development Officer

Lesley Silvera: Project Development Officer 

Sarah Tooze: Project Development Officer 

Peatland Programme 

Paul Leadbitter: Peatland Programme Manager

Dr Emma Taylor: Field Officer

Dr Andy Lloyd: Research Officer

Alistair Lockett: Peatland Conservation Assistant


Dr Ruth Starr-Keddle: Nectarworks Project Officer

Mandy Oliver: Nectarworks Community Officer


Sam Finn: WildWatch Co-ordinator

Fiona Knox: WildWatch Education and Events Officer

Bowlees Visitor Centre

Sarah Kelly: Bowlees Development Officer

Nic Cullens: Bowlees Education Officer

Surveying an area of peatbog
Volunteer botanists doing quadrat surveying in a hay meadow
Walking to Garrigill Burn